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The Logos & Trademarks collection is a library of well-known corporate symbols and service marks used to advertise and display products and services. An invaluable asset for graphic designers and printers who need access to a wide range of logos for display and specialty advertising, sign making, and printing. Logos & Trademarks subjects include automotive manufacturers and automative components and parts suppliers, airlines, beverages, computers, communications, food, petroleum and gas, publishing, restaurants, retail, shipping, travel, real estate, insurance, finance, credit card, non-profit organizations and associations, fraternal and masonic, entertainment and the arts, and more.

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All files are vector based, standard Illustrator EPS format for Macintosh and for Windows. For Windows user, a additional format in WMF format is available by special request. All trademarks represented in this collection are registered by their respective owners and designed for editorial and advertising use. Updates, released every 6 months, are available at a minimal charge.

Logos & Trademarks is available for use in desktop publishing as well as vinyl sign cutting. The Black & White EPS collection have been specially edited in outline format for compaibility with standard vinyl sign cutting equipment and software for Macintosh and Windows. Ninety-nine percent of the images in the Logos & Trademarks collection are vinyl compatible.

Logos & Trademarks consists of two main EPS libraries, black and white logos and color logos. The entire collection may be downloaded directly from this web site, however, the file sizes are very large (460 MB for Macintosh and 330 MB for Windows) and it is only recommended for clients with DSL or better connections. The download is priced at $145.

The entire collection on 4 CD's may be physically shipped by Fedex (3 levels of service) - this package contains additional Design Symbols collection and Image Maker. This package is priced at $195.

There are in addition 31 Industry categories which may be downloaded individually - for those you require only a select group of industry specific logos - prices range from $37 to $47. These industry categories are not available for physical shipment.

If you have a Postscript drawing program, such as Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, or Corel Draw you can open a logo illustration and modify it using the many options offered by your drawing application. You may wish to add color, reverse or scale your artwork providing you work within the guidelines of the trademark owner. For further information and details on how you can modify your illustrations, refer to the user's guide provided with the application software.

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